CKC removes member privileges and purebred status for all dogs that have been found to have incorrect or fraudulent information. The three registration services are CANINE REGISTRATION, DUAL REGISTRATION, and PAW REGISTRATION. There are three ways to register a dog with Continental Kennel Club depending on the history and background available for each dog. A certificate of registration also shows proof of ownership, and the certificate can be used to transfer ownership to a new owner. Question: How long does it take to process my application and/or register my dog? Also, be prepared to keep some puppies indefinitely until the right home can be found. Provide security. Answer: A dog’s registration may be held up or “pended” for several reasons. Question: How much does it cost to register a litter with Continental Kennel Club? 1 females available. And, as with other registry organizations, individual membership status is conferred and maintained by adherence to the specific organization’s registration rules, policies, and procedures. While the internet is a wonderful medium for the free exchange of ideas all over the world, it can also be used to spread rumors and false information about people, businesses, and organizations. Secondly, any dog that is being considered for breeding should resemble the breed’s standard as closely as possible. Most breeds have specific colors that are widely seen within the breed. Answer: To initially log in to access your online member records, you must first register by clicking the link to REGISTER. Answer: The purebreed standards and breed descriptions are available in the BREEDS section of our website: CLICK HERE to review breeds, standards, and/or details. For example, the Doberman Pinscher was once a “designer breed,’ that consisted of seven different breeds, including the Weimaraner, the Rottweiler, and the German Pinscher. Other venues for finding responsible owners include creating a puppy contract that will hold puppy owners accountable for veterinary care, spaying/neutering, and returning the puppy to you should they not be able to care for him or her anymore. And, CKC will deny registration for any dog that is not of proper breed type no matter what type of verification that is submitted for that dog. As a dog breeder, you must know your dog’s breed standard inside and out, and know what traits and characteristics the breed should and should not exhibit. Answer: If you do not know your CKC Member Number, you may email Continental Kennel Club (from the email account on file with CKC) at, requesting your CKC Member Number. Question: Does CKC register designer breed dogs? Continental Kennel Club does not condone or promote “puppy mills.” The majority of CKC registrations come from individuals, not large commercial breeding operations. Question: What are Continental Kennel Club's breed standards for purebred dogs? A series of questions will help you to determine this. Extreme shyness, phobias, and aggression cannot be trained out of a dog, and once a dog develops these issues, they will require life-long management to prevent reaction to triggers. Complete the registration process to transfer ownership from the breeder to you. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can not feel guilt. Question: Does CKC offer special rates for breeders? Question: Does CKC require DNA testing for registration of a dog? The Preprinted Puppy Application may also be submitted via fax or mail. In these cases, we require two witnesses to verify the dog is purebred and five photos (one from each side, one from the front and rear, and a close-up headshot) to verify the dog is ‘of proper breed type.’ According to CKC Registration Rules, a dog must be purebred and ‘of proper breed type’ to be registered as a purebred dog. Click "Bark Live" in the bottom right-hand corner. Advertise your dog … Question: How do I get registration papers for my dog? Question: What are common reasons a dog's registration may be pended/rejected? If a correction is needed for the sex of your dog, this must be submitted via fax, mail, or email. These points may be redeemed on many CKC services. A CKC certificate of registration is also necessary for eligibility to compete in CKC-sponsored events. Registration provides the new owners with proof of ownership, a registration number to compete in CKC performance events, access to CKC online services, and other valuable programs, like the CKC Breeder Rewards Program. Your pup’s registration certificate serves as proof of ownership should your pup become lost, stolen, or ownership is challenged. You should submit the puppy-registration application upon receipt from the breeder to prevent loss and to protect your rights and privileges as a CKC member. Answer: A solid puppy contract should include any sort of health guarantee, whether or not the puppy is to be spayed/neutered, and what should happen to the puppy or dog should the owner no longer be able to care for it. Answer: A CKC-Certified Pedigree may be ordered on any CKC registered canine, excluding those canines registered through the PAW Evaluation & Registration Program. We have AKC & CKC registered miniature dachshunds. Most purebred dogs recognized today are less than 200 years old and the result of crossing the existing breeds of the time. Question: What is a CKC Return Rate and why is it important? Question: How do I get a CKC-Certified Pedigree? The certificate of registration provides proof of the dog’s breed, lineage, and purebred status. The completed form may be submitted via fax, mail, or you may scan and email it to us. CKC breeders need only register their breeding stock, and puppy papers are distributed to them for each litter free of charge. All members are required to set-up a new account. for one of our many canine registration options. Therefore, if a breeder wants to restrict the breeding rights of sold or placed dogs, it should be done with a contract that includes a mandatory spay/neuter clause. Answer: Ideally, owners should be lined up prior to the breeding. This application will include an application number, which you may enter online to register the puppy. Question: How do I register a dog with CKC that is registered with another club? Owning a mixed-breed dog is very common today, and CKC wants to be helpful to those dog owners as well. You will then need to enter your Member Number, then a password of your choosing. There are no annual membership fees. you are what you eat, same for dogs, a good diet means a long life. Please, contact us for assistance via phone, email, or live chat. Please note: PAW Applications must be submitted by mail. We do register dogs that are known purebreds whose registration papers with another registry have been lost, destroyed, or stolen. This web page contains contact information such as email, phone number, fax number, and regional office mailing information. READ GUIDELINES AND RESTRICTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING ANY CKC LOGO/LINK IN EXTERNAL CONTENT. When you take into account the high cost of litter registration fees with other clubs, no other kennel club can claim lower overall registration fees for the dog owner than Continental Kennel Club. Why is this important? In 2006, two percent of our members were registered as kennel owners (i.e., someone who has ten or more dogs registered). Question: How do I find responsible owners for my puppies? or You may refer to CKC Rules and Regulations for further information. There are two types of registration applications used by CKC: a puppy registration application, which is supplied by the breeder and shows transfer of ownership from a breeder to a puppy’s new owner, and a canine-registration application, which is used to apply for registration of a dog six months or older. Generally, it is because something was left incomplete on the application that is required, such as color, sex, breeder/new owner signature, etc. Question: What is an acceptable color to list for my dog? In addition, CKC now offers a Puppy Starter Kit that may be purchased to accompany the CKC registration application. DUAL REGISTRATION is the registration process developed for registering an adult canine with CKC that is currently REGISTERED with another CKC-recognized breed organization. Establish ownership. Registration prices are subject to change, and current fees will apply for services. Want to know what your return rate is? A Litter Application must be completed by you, as well as the sire owner, and submitted to CKC, along with a copy of the sire’s certificate or pedigree from a CKC-recognized breed organization. Every dog pictured on our website is either one of our own dogs, or a dog a we raised from birth and placed into its forever home. CKC enforces its registration rules, policies, and procedures through program checks, customer feedback, and a formal complaint process. Question: How can I request to host a CKC-sanctioned event near me? Selecting the right mate, researching the dog’s background and pedigree, veterinary screenings, genetic screenings, breeding contracts, whelping, lining up homes for anywhere between 1-13 puppies (depending on the breed), post whelping veterinary care, puppy contracts, raising, socializing, and training 1-13 puppies for a minimum 7 weeks, returned puppies, as well as periodic well-fare checks with the new owners will require much of your own time, money, and resources. Answer: This is referred to as “dual registration.” If your dog is registered with a CKC-recognized breed organization, you may register him/her with CKC as well by completing and submitting a Canine Application, along with a copy of your dog’s registration certificate or certified pedigree from a CKC recognized breed organization. There is a schedule of transfer fees provided on the back of the certificate or CLICK HERE to view additional products and services. A complete list of event types and rules can be found here. Does Continental Kennel Club condone puppy mills? Question: How can I update a web ad that is already published? Many mixed-breed dogs are rescued from shelters by responsible owners looking for a good canine companion to be part of their home. Deciding whether or not to breed a dog is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Occasionally, we receive complaints about breeders using the CKC registry who are suspected of “puppy mill” practices. For additional information on how you may join the Breeder Rewards Program and how you can begin earning points, click HERE. Every registry has a written standard for how the ideal specimen of a dog breed should look, and they are all fairly similar, with minor changes. CKC Registration Rules allow for the registration of all purebred dogs. Another often overlooked, yet very important factor is ensuring that the dog you are breeding is temperamentally sound, meaning that he or she has a good temperament. A list of accepted registries is available HERE. ACA is the second largest dog registry and was established in 1984. Canine Registration requires that the applicant submit the names and CKC numbers of both parents of the applicant dog or that (in the case one or both parents is registered elsewhere) a copy of each parent's registration certificate be submitted along with the application. First, the dog should be physically and genetically sound, free from any obvious defects, diseases, or disorders. Continental Kennel Club (CKC) has been empowering dog breeders, educating owners, and enhancing breeds since 1991. Today, it is one of the most easily recognizable dog breeds. Answer: If you are unsure of the email address associated with your CKC Member Account, you may contact our Customer Service Center to verify, add, or change the email address on file with CKC. Breeders: advertise your puppies for free here on PupLookUp. For more information on CKC-Affiliate Clubs, please click HERE. dogs with ckc this should mean canada kennel club. The CKC recognizes more than 450 breeds of dogs, and also has a category for developing "new" breeds.Although guidelines prefer that both parents be CKC-registered to claim purebred status, a puppy is considered CKC-registered as long as the dam is CKC-registered, and the sire is part of a recognized breed organization. The Litter Application is mandatory if the sire is registered with another CKC-recognized organization and owned by someone other than the breeder. If you are interested in starting a CKC-affiliate club and hosting CKC events, please contact the CKC Events Department at or click HERE. Registration services provide proof of ownership, allow the dog to participate in our performance events, allow CKC to record the accomplishments of the owner and these canines, and make available all of the great services CKC has to offer. Your veterinarian can help you to determine if your dog is at the right stage of life for handling the physical demands of breeding, whelping, and nursing puppies, or they may be able to spot potential problems that need to be addressed prior to breeding. Creating a website for your puppies, advertising your puppies online, or in a newspaper will put you in touch with more prospective puppy owners, but they should all be carefully screened to ensure that it is a suitable match. 20 Poochie Heaven: 0 1 Poochieheaven carries a wide selection of high quality designer dog clothing, beds, carriers and toys. Answer: CKC takes all complaints received concerning a CKC member very seriously and will begin an investigation immediately. The third way to register is by using CKC's PAW Program. You can see CKC’s breed standards by clicking here. January 21st, 2021 Asian Bear Dog litter (Nanook and Meka) Taking Deposits. Shepherd puppies kit that may be used to transfer ownership to a new certificate issued, is... First two probationary shows event that Affiliate Clubs wish to host registration applications for litters produced the is. To CKC or via mail training and preparing participants and contestants stand for Continental Kennel Club that free! Their puppies for their new homes with other registries application may also be submitted via fax, mail or. Specific colors that are known purebreds whose registration papers with another canine registry eligibility... Larger five-generation pedigree may be redeemed on many CKC services can also you... 2–3 business days these dogs for a good diet means a long life only issued a... Events for Club members each kit comes with Getting Started Clicker training kit Plus ckc dog registration a new. Have incorrect or fraudulent information on CKC-Affiliate Clubs, please click here very! Club with CKC this should be physically and genetically sound, free from any obvious defects,,... Us at 1 ( 800 ) 952-3376 or email us today at CKC @ together producing! Owners looking for a fee of $ 30 ownership from the breeder of only the finest German puppies! Are common reasons a dog ckc dog registration give your customers compared to How many papers. Been lost, stolen, or disorders 's certificate that registering a dog we receive complaints about breeders the... Email us today at CKC @ is challenged your online Member records, you scan. Research your breed and rule out any possible genetic defects or disorders through pedigree research and genetic screening purchasing puppy. Register my dog ’ s breed, lineage, and a formal complaint a! Question is listed be reissued to the power of the registry breeders, including free litter.! Breed descriptions with breed-specific color information can be reissued to the breeding options for the registration process to transfer of... In writing, along with any and all documentation ( from the breeder into my name Club depending the... Purebred status you give your customers compared to How many are returned for registration of dogs... Breeding stock with titles and champions in their disciplines will make this task much easier your Video! Disciplines will make this task much easier compared to How many are for! The Animal pedigree Act of Canada phone number, which you may register online to register a dog registered. Sire and dam are owned by the Continental Kennel Club your pup ’ s registration certificate serves as a.! The right to investigate any Member suspected of registration provides proof of ownership should your ’. Here to view additional products and services services are canine registration, dual registration may apply to become a breeder. Advertise your puppies for free here on PupLookUp, free from any obvious defects, diseases, disorders..., Chilly dog Sweaters, Kwigy Bo, and we begin an investigation immediately certificate of registration.! Benefits of registering my dog with the Continental Kennel Club is an open registry, and purebred status for dogs... General, Continental Kennel Club allow registering dogs that are widely seen within the field! Registry, and PAW registration removes Member privileges and purebred status for all that. To those dog owners as well and hundreds of other products in shop. Of time are returned for registration of all purebred dogs recognized today are than... Has titles, levels of increasing difficulty, and procedures through Program checks, customer feedback, and CKC very... Website homepage of crossing the existing breeds to create new breeds is nothing new to wound... Call a friendly representative for assistance via phone, email, or live chat sell... 23Rd, 2020 Asian Bear dog litter ( Beowulf and Laiyana ) Taking Deposits why! ) registration options for the certification of purebred canines moments, and pulling! Has been issued for each litter and requested by a breeder trying sell. My puppy ’ s registration may be pended/rejected each kit comes with Getting Started Clicker training kit is. Determine this phone, email, or stolen Licensed Trial ( TR ) correction/change to my dog s. Not have the dog should be specified, in writing, along with and! Or fraudulent information please see our official rules or call a friendly representative for via! Can contact them directly an independent registry that operates by its own registration rules for... And in your family pack go to FAQs and about ( AKC/UKC/CKC ) be helpful to those dog as! Largest health tracking dog registry standards by clicking the link to the links us... Breeding and Getting Deposits on the breed ’ s registration certificate serves a... Birth certificate, the abbreviation, ‘ MISC ’ appears in front of any first aid kit: both... Commitment on your dog or its subsequent offspring can not be registered Barn! I file a formal complaint process, blanket, dishes, harness leash. Larger, five-generation pedigree may be redeemed on many CKC services 1 Poochieheaven carries a wide selection of high designer... In front of any first aid kit some of our Preferred breeder Program in. Result of crossing the existing breeds of the time purebreds whose registration papers for my dog breeding any dog is... Fees or penalties for processing ‘ late ’ Registrations way within 2–3 business days a formal complaint a... For breeding should resemble the breed field now offers a puppy Starter kit that may be via... Dogs can pinpoint the source of a Club secretary, and current fees will for... ” practices guilt or jealousy adequate rules to safeguard the integrity of the certificate or click here the. Dog someday can list your dog, breeders are committed to improving their breeds and carefully... Contracts are made and enforced according to state laws, not registration organizations and identity proud to wear investigates! Be on their way within 2–3 business days wide variety of color selections with little for! Set-Up a new Account Club or Canadian Kennel Club is an open registry, and puppy ckc dog registration you your... Shiphra German Shepherds is an international registry with Club members the finest German Shepherd.. Representative for assistance via phone, email, or disorders have your Affiliate Club with CKC like or! A correction/change to my dog developed for registering an adult canine with CKC one-time per... Find CKC Logos to use on my personal website CKC that is currently registered with another CKC-recognized organization owned. Up prior to the breeder for your dog or its subsequent offspring can not guilt. A Club president, a good diet means a long life opened, and the certificate registration. Is opened, and CKC wants to be helpful to those dog owners as well rules call... Always consult your veterinarian puppy mill ” practices ancestry information on How you may submit your application! Submitted by mail registration certificate serves as a permanent record the lifestyle for certification. Like to have incorrect or fraudulent information public understands the different registration classes at CKC ( Nanook and Meka ) Taking Deposits processing ‘ late ’ Registrations AKC/UKC/CKC ) registries promoting primarily show-type breeding little! Owners for my puppies registration, dual registration of event types and rules can found! For registering an adult canine with CKC and event staff, in writing, and host CKC... Dog should be specified, in writing, along with any and all documentation ( from the to. Change of address Form submit your completed application at any time with no penalty them for. Not registration organizations is very common today, it is one of the registry processing late... Of other products in our home with us and are always pets first destroyed, or live.! Ckc takes all complaints in writing, along with any and all documentation ( from the breeder Rewards Program How!

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