Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. After Robin explained to Luffy about Dragon, the Revolutionary Army, and their goals, Garp turned around and said that he should not have said that, asking them to forget he said anything, causing even more shock amongst everyone. Garp then asked for one thousand cannonballs, intending to throw them all at them. After Firs Island was destroyed by Z, Garp appeared on a Marine battle ship along with Koby and Helmeppo, and revealed to them the existence of Z. Eichiro Oda even said that Garp is the strongest marine ever. They are therefore considered the key strategic development force in the World Government and are expected to obey its orders at will. Garp is well acquainted with Tsuru, having known her for a long time. Sometimes these orders are questionable; however, they are expected to carry them out regardless of opinion. Another idea is that he understands the corruption of the marines but he couldn’t bring himself to leave them. Japanese Name: Garp at age 78 is still the most feared Marine that lives right now. Garp later dislodged himself, more or less unfazed, and rejoined the battle. He could have gone the same route as his son Dragon and oppose the Celestial Dragons, but he didn’t and in my opinion it’s pretty clear why not. It is unknown how they met, but they have known each other for at least 22 years, since Garp was seen entrusting a newborn Portgas D. Ace to her. He has a habit of falling asleep during conversations and can be absent-minded. Garp then ordered his men to repair the wall he damaged. Afterwards, he casually leaves them, saying that he will not be so merciful next time. He then spoke with Hina about a pirate group prominent before Roger's era during which suggested that he got the distinction of "Hero of the Marines" from dealing with them while Garp noted that he could not imagine what the Marines would do if said crew were to come back into power. Before Roger’s era, Rocks was his enemy. Before it could crush the Thousand Sunny, Franky activated Coup de Burst to launch the ship up into the sky. Hope you all are doing well. Luffy argued that he said he would not attack, but Garp simply said he got his orders and proceeded to attack by throwing a cannonball at breakneck speed at them. Garp has a lot of influence to be able to hide Ace's true father until Ace become a valuable, influencial, hero marine or anything else so he wouldnt be executed. In fact, Garp would have killed Akainu in revenge if Sengoku did not restrain him. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! Stabbed throughout his body. Funi English VA: When Ace was an infant, Garp would use his vacation to often visit the village and pull funny faces to cheer him up. During the Battle of Marineford, he managed to punch and hurt Marco, despite the latter being in his regenerative phoenix form. He asked Garp to take care of his unborn child, as he did not deserve to be condemned as a criminal because of his father's crimes, something they both agreed on. However, Luffy claims otherwise and told Garp that even as a child he wanted to be a pirate. 76 (debut) 78 (after timeskip)[8] Later when Ace was a troubled child that beat anyone up that insulted his father, Garp seemed amused with Ace, yet never scolded him for his actions, as a part of him felt sad that the child did not fully accept Roger as his father. Garp expressed surprise at Luffy's ability to use Haoshokou Haki before commenting that Luffy inherited it after all. At least I have Coby…Garp … Upon Ace's request to die, Garp merely told him that his death would not stop Whitebeard. While Garp perceives it as a rather peaceful place, Dragon expresses his disgust with Garp's view of "peace" as nothing more than a form of oppression authorized by the law in places, such as Tequila Wolf and the Goa Kingdom, where common people that are put into horrible living conditions. Though he is a Marine and is loyal to the World Government, Garp is disgusted of the World Nobles and refused the promotion to admiral due to the fact it would make him their direct subordinate. Garp bitterly lamented that both Ace and Luffy did not become Marines.[50]. When Shiki the Gold Lion attacked Marineford a week before Roger's execution, Garp and Sengoku challenged him together. When Momousagi mentioned Luffy being targeted by two Emperors, Garp did not express much concern about it. Garp is an eccentric but caring man, who is loyal to both his criminal family and the Marine Headquarters, who he has served for decades. Monkey D. Garp is one of the most well-known characters in the series and very possibly the most loved Marine as well. He's an Instructor like Sengoku. Twenty-four years ago, Garp's hair and goatee were still black, with sideburns beginning to whiten. He resigned, but got talked down by the Commander in Chief, Kong, into taking up a Instructor position rather than quit the Marines entirely. Luffy complained by saying the only thing Garp has ever done was hit him to which Garp replied he just wanted to show love to and be loved by his grandson. Garp now occasionally wears a dog hat and compared to his chubby Romance Dawn V.2 version, his upper body is much more muscular. Garp simply does not believe the life of an old man could ever atone for the actions of his family. Notably, Sengoku's biggest annoyance was Garp's refusal to keep his family under control even when threatened with the consequences. This often leads Luffy to receiving the force of Garp's punches, and due to these experiences, he has become afraid of his grandfather. He was also the one who trained Luffy and Ace into being strong enough to set sail on their own. He is loud, boisterous, exuberant, and overall acts in a similar manner to his grandson. Honoring Roger's last request, Garp took Ace to Dawn Island to be raised by Dadan. If you wanna play strong independent pirate, at least fix your own shit instead of crying to granddaddy once shit goes south. Kong respects Garp's abilities, as he always insisted that Garp accepts the promotion to Admiral, but Garp constantly declined. He took charge of both Koby and Helmeppo's training. Why did Aokiji leave the marines? If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Hiroshi Naka Because he is the Hero he is the strongest one why? When Garp prepares to fight seriously, he often removes his Marine coat[17] or a suit jacket. Squard did nothing. It is evident Whitebeard respects Garp's strength, as he mentioned him during his talk with Shanks. Garp is easily one of the most powerful Marines and one of the strongest characters seen in the series. Hey guys! Debut: They still remain acquainted even after Kong became the Commander-in-Chief for the World Government. When Sengoku announced that the war was over, Garp stood down along with the rest of the Marines. Garp about to punish (or in this case, train) Luffy and Ace. Sabo noted that Garp tried to keep the three brothers on a short leash, implying that he gave Sabo similar treatment to Ace and Luffy. As Whitebeard lost his life at the hands of the Blackbeard Pirates, Garp watched with a grim expression. As he was about to hit Luffy, he recalled Ace's renewed desire to live and reminisced about when Ace and Luffy were both young. The most probable explanation is that even if he is a marine, he loves freedom. Even in old age, Garp retained his strength. As the ruler of the Goa Kingdom, Sterry expected absolute obedience and respect from Garp since he is one of its citizens. When he realized he should not have said that, he just simply laughed it off, asking those who heard to forget about it.[16]. As this goes on, all around the world, people voice their opinions on the execution and if Whitebeard will really show up. However, both would remain for the sake of rearing up new young Marines.[2]. In the FUNimation sub, it is called Fist of Love. Luffy did not have a clue about it and was clueless of even having a father in the first place. Garp then said that no one can escape his Fist of Love. After acquiring the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard's corpse, Blackbeard commented to both Garp and Sengoku that their age was over, much like Whitebeard's. When he was a child and a young man, Garp resembled Luffy, though more muscular than his grandson. During the Battle of Marineford, he easily struck down Marco, a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit User and one of the most powerful members of the Whitebeard Pirates, and in the anime, Garp knocked down Jesus Burgess, a master wrestler with titanic physical strength without effort. ), which is a simple but powerful punch to strike Luffy on his head, imbued with Busoshoku Haki to hurt him. [45], Garp then took out an enormous iron ball and tossed it at the Thousand Sunny. He was requested to remain behind as an instructor due to his fame, which will be influential in recruiting. While unnamed, Garp was introduced in Romance Dawn, Version 2 (featured in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine itself) as Luffy's grandfather. This shows that he cares for his grandson's well-being. With the end of the war, Garp took up a station in Foosha Village on Dawn Island, seeing it as necessary to protect the island with the increase in pirate activities. He considers the Celestial Dragons scumbags and is not afraid of expressing this aloud. As Garp repaired the wall, he said he heard that Luffy met his father at Loguetown. Despite Dadan not wanting to take care of another one of Garp's children, she complied. Additionally, Garp is generally amused by Luffy's exploits as a pirate, and only seriously laments both of his grandsons' choices to become pirates after Ace is captured. It was later revealed that both him and Sengoku stepped down from the Marines. One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure, Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, One Piece - Defeat Him! Garp, being the first of the two to wake up, punched Luffy awake for falling asleep on him, while the others pointed out Garp did the same. So he thought that if they became Marines then they would be safe. In fact, when informed by one of the Marines that he was nearly killed, he mistook this for one of the men being killed. tl;dr: Uptight fake manga content spoiler. Garp just laughed and said that women get so sentimental at times like these. When Sengoku made Luffy's relationship to Dragon public, Garp simply states that Luffy already has such a notorious reputation that his connection to Dragon is irrelevant. According to Oda the reason for not featuring Shanks was that he wanted Shanks to be kept a secret until One Piece was serialized so he would have a greater impact.[57]. After returning to Water 7, Garp announced to Luffy that he was going to die there. Upon Luffy's arrival at Marineford, Garp was utterly shocked. Garp’s participation was the boost of morale the Marines needed. However Garp rarely discusses the God Valley Incident as he feels shame about this event. Garp was most active during the time of the pirate king, Gol D Roger and … );[5]Hero of the Marines (海軍の英雄, Kaigun no Eiyū?) Marines: VICE-ADMIRAL!!!!!!!!!! Both of them have a scar on their face next to one eye. Garp identified Shiki right away, recognizing his abilities from past encounters. The duty of the Marines is to maintain a law and order throughout the world and impose the will and might of the World Government. Monkey D. Garp Garp was the rival of the strongest pirate ever and irrc oda stated he was the strongest marine. Aside from the cannonballs he throws and a gigantic iron ball he keeps on a chain, Garp is also a tremendously powerful and skilled hand to hand fighter. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Status: In fact, in the past, Garp and Sengoku seemed to be very good friends, albeit that Sengoku was a little annoyed with Garp's tendency to act on his own accord whenever Roger was involved. Romanized Name: Ace also told Garp that he only considered Whitebeard as his true father. At times he seems to be unaware of the true extent of what is going on around him. Brian Mathis. Residence: Blood Type: Despite Garp telling his crew about his relationship with Luffy and Dragon, most Marines were unaware of it until the war with Whitebeard, suggesting that his men kept it a secret. Sengoku was furious and said that if Garp was not a hero to the Marines, he would have him punished for his family's actions. Being a Marine vice admiral and the commanding officer of the 153rd Marine Branch, Garp possesses leadership skills and is well respected by many among the Marines, having mentored many other prominent figures in the Marines, including former Admiral Kuzan. When Roger was about to be executed after turning himself in due to his terminal illness, he made a final request to Garp. He is the father of Monkey D. Dragon,[12] the paternal grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy,[13] and the adoptive grandfather of Portgas D. Ace. "Monkey D. Garp" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Thus, he allowed Luffy to land a Gear Second punch that sent him flying and smashing into the ground, much to the shock of the Marines watching him. Over his many years as a Marine hero, Garp has made many enemies with pirates over the sea, such as Shiki and Shakky. Thirty years ago, Garp's hair and goatee were all black. And if it's mentioned in … F[10] Even though he's left his post he's staying with the Marines help to train soldiers. Garp bears a grudge against Shanks, because Garp believes he is the one who influenced his grandson, Monkey D. Luffy, to become a pirate. Despite this, Garp is a supportive person. Garp did not let Marco pass through to get to Ace's execution platform meaning he did not care how fearsome Whitebeard could be after seeing that, which is probably due to not only having fought Whitebeard's rival the Pirate King but also Whitebeard himself during the God Valley Incident in the past. Japanese VA: Throughout his visits, he would often hold "training sessions" with Luffy and Ace and on one occassion with Sabo. [18] Like his grandson, Garp is extremely fond of food, especially donuts and rice crackers. [19] He had no hesitancy in degrading the Celestial Dragons in front of others of importance, such as towards King Sterry, only halfheartedly taking back the insult. Finding himself unwilling to resist, Garp closed his eyes, missing his punch. Garp has problems with respecting his superiors and such is the case with then-Fleet Admiral Kong 27 years ago and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku. People see Garp as stronger compared to Sengoku,but I see them as equals. As a vice admiral, Garp is fully capable of using Haki. When or how long Sengoku knew of Garp adopting Ace is unknown, but Sengoku found out that Ace is the son of Gol D. Roger. Garp later punched Marco, who had transformed into his Phoenix form, while he was trying to save Ace. The Marines didn’t like Roger destroying the balance of Government/Pirates to they made a plan. Garp doesnt want to be an admiral because it will just add more responsibilities for him. Garp then said that he mostly came for his students and announced his departure. As Nami stated at the time of Garp's departure, there seems to be an amazing ego that runs in Garp's family. In his free time or vacation, Garp often wears sandals, a red tropical shirt and light-colored shorts. Garp uses Busoshoku Haki to flatten Chinjao's head. Later, he heard someone yelling to everyone. Sengoku explains that Garp’s moral code does not allow him to protect Celestial Dragons. Garp was unable to choose between family and duty. Chinjao was an infamous pirate who took deep pride in his pointed head, which Garp was determine to break. Makino tried to tell Dadan that Garp was suffering the most from Ace's death, but Dadan replied that the one suffering the most was Luffy. As a vice admiral of the Marine Headquarters, Garp has command over all lower ranking soldiers, as seen when he took two of Ripper's subordinates (Koby and Helmeppo) and made them his own subordinates instead due to his higher rank. Garp also told Dadan that although he is a Marine, he could never come to hate Roger. Monkey d Garp the legend and the Hero of marines, we all know him and we all love him, right? Idk about Ace, but he would probably be safe as well. He essentially got demoted and is now just training recruits, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He again complained about Luffy and Ace becoming pirates instead of Marines, and declared that he considered them enemies. It seems that Garp and Bogard have been together for at least 27 years. Thirty years ago, he fought Chinjao and got his epithet as "Garp the Fist" and also earned his hatred after denting his pointy head, which was the strongest head of that time, and robbing him of the means to acquire the treasure from the Ice Continent. Although Garp will ultimately comply with Marine HQ's most serious orders, he highly values his freedom and family, often to a point where he bends the rules to accommodate these values. However, they do have one common ground – their disdain toward Celestial Dragons. The main reason he refused to become an admiral is because he does not want to be their direct subordinate. He has also been shown to be extremely fast, as he managed to bypass all of the Straw Hats in order to get to a sleeping Luffy. Also, Luffy got both his hat and the Devil fruit he ate from his grandfather in V.2, not Shanks. *** Sengoku's Office. It was revealed that he was offered the promotion to the rank of admiral more than once, but repeatedly refused the promotion. Garp snapped at Luffy for making him sound like a bad guy for what he did in the past and claimed those incidents were aimed at turning Luffy into a strong man. Garp would visit Ace during his vacations. In the end, duty took over. He cares about him deeply, crying for his grandson as he's about to be executed for being a pirate and desperately asking why he could not have just been a Marine. He initially refused to capture Luffy in Water 7 until explicitly ordered to do so. Officially he has left his post, and is retired. The extent of Garp's power and fame is evident round the time of the Battle of Edd War, three years before the future Pirate King died. The Pirate Ganzack, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Garp?oldid=1769348, Monkey D. Garp vs. Gol D. Roger (none seen, multiple times), Garp's wife has not been named, but the supplement. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Even in more recent times, Garp and Dadan continue to show a violent relationship that likewise harbors respect for each other and for the work they had in connection to both Luffy and Ace. Garp was there and helped out probably. [48], Three hours before Ace was to be executed, Garp walked with Sengoku to the execution platform. Luffy's crew noted his, apparently hereditary, selfishness during Garp's interaction with Luffy in Water 7. Garp appears on the news about Luffy's return. He cowered slightly at the voice of his 'family member'. In the anime, Garp said he has eaten 842 donuts without sleeping or taking a break because he was trying to beat a world record. He even looked down on Sterry's desire to become a Celestial Dragon and bluntly expressed this aloud.[30]. Garp appears proud when Luffy commits outrageous acts. Affiliations: Luffy said he really had to run and hoped they would see each other again sometime. In the anime his name is Bogard, although his name has not been revealed yet in the manga so far. The greatest testament of his skill is defeating Chinjao, a immensely powerful master of Hasshoken, in a single Haki-enhanced punch. Garp's ship picked up Aokiji along the way, but only because he did not want to ride his bicycle. Some aspects of his character remain from Romance Dawn V.2. [55] While leaving Fish-Man Island, Garp read a report, being informed of the alliance between Kaido and Big Mom, much to his annoyance.[56]. While conversing with Neptune, Garp mentioned an incident involving Arabasta that occured after they left Mary Geoise. (Viz: "Naval Hero")[6] "Demon/Devil" (悪魔, Akuma? Luffy said good bye and Garp punched him, saying he was letting him leave too easily and berated him for being too casual about saying goodbye to his grandfather whom he had not seen in a while. Garp became acquainted with Neptune's family, notably Neptune and Shirahoshi due to being Luffy's grandfather. As a hero of the Marines, Garp has high respect amongst the Marines, even with Fleet Admiral Sengoku. [38] However after Garp fell asleep, Morgan made his escape by striking Garp and taking Helmeppo as a hostage, fleeing on a small boat. While Garp initially thought of adopting Ace as a preposterous idea, he eventually agreed to Roger's final wish, as the latter pointed out that after multiple confrontations, he trusted the vice admiral as much as a friend. Sengoku blaming Garp for Luffy's actions in Impel Down. thirty eight years ago, Garp's was all black and lacked a goatee. While Garp takes pride and contentment in being a Marine serving the World Government, Dragon absolutely despised the World Government to the point of becoming a Revolutionary and seeking to overthrow them. This was shown when he was not the least bit concerned that two of the Four Emperors are after him. This is ironic, as Garp claimed that he has no sympathy for criminals, and will arrest them at ease. He also wields a giant iron ball, mounted on a chain, which dwarfs the size of his own Marine battleship. He was later seen with Sengoku, getting ready to participate in the battle. Sengoku told him that he would tell the public everything and Garp did not express any objections. Garp is a tall, tanned, broad-chested, muscular old man. In the anime, his eye color is blue, and his hair is gray, whereas in the manga, it is white. If he wanted them to be good little marines, why not have them be raised on a marine … Foosha Village (former) Garp was offered a promotion to admiral position many times from Fleet Admiral Kong, but he declined every time. A testament to his strength is that he was one of the very few people to be considered a rival to the "Pirate King" Gol D. Roger and he was offered the rank of Admiral several times throughtout his life. He even seemed ready to defend them when Akainu wounded Ace and was on the verge of killing Luffy. Official English Name: Garp has a particular emphasis on using powerful punches. After returning to the village, he took a beating from Curly Dadan for letting Ace die until Makino intervened. He wore a dark suit with an orange striped undershirt and a black tie. [10][21][37] Around this time Garp also chased other pirates like Shakuyaku as part of his duties. Sabo exclaimed he was a monster. [5] [47], Back at Marineford, Garp was informed that Luffy broke into Impel Down and was rather amused about it, even proud. He was and is still needed as the Hero of the Marines. After Luffy, Sabo and Ace got along well, Garp would sometimes visit them and train them by beating them up and destroying most of the forest in the process. Even though Dadan usually fears him, she did not have a problem attacking Garp for not managing to save Ace. Garp said Luffy owed him an apology as he was causing trouble. Statistics He was present at Ace's birth and Rouge's death afterward. Yet he died only after final bullets shots by Blackbeard's crew. He even laughed at the thought of the pirates actually teaming up over something.[21]. Age: After Dadan calmed down, Garp informed Woop Slap that Luffy escaped Marineford in a submarine. [24] As another true testament of sheer power, Garp defeated and nearly killed Don Chinjao in the past with a single punch, whose bounty was worth over 500,000,000 in his prime and was said to be able to split a continent with a headbutt. He asked if they were the Straw Hats as everyone prepared to fight, but before they could do anything, Garp passed them and punched a sleeping Luffy's head into the floor, telling him to wake up. Even including the fact that Garp was about to try to kill Akainu for killing Ace, it seems that none of this has affected Garp's standings in the Marines even after his relationship with both Dragon and Luffy went worldwide, as Kong insisted that Garp's title and records can be used to recruit new Marines. Why did Garp leave his kids (Ace, Luffy) in the custody of a gang of mountain bandits in the middle of nowhere? Nevertheless, he managed to calm down long enough to comment on the viability of the motley little band that Luffy had assembled at Impel Down as part of Ace's rescue effort. On a similar note, he does not believe that being labeled a criminal necessarily makes someone a bad person. As the Neptune Family rode on the bondola, Garp waved one last time to Shirahoshi. After his grandson's assault on Thriller Bark, he was seen at Mary Geoise with Bartholomew Kuma and Sengoku, where he laughed at how Luffy had avoided capture by Kuma and annoyed Sengoku by talking about tea and crackers. "Get the boy a different doctor if you can find a better one." If there was one thing Garp knew, it was never get between a mother bear and her cubs and under no circumstances (if you wish to survive) do you threaten the cubs. Epithet: Marines[1] (semi-retired)[2] They later discussed family issues such as Ace and Luffy's turning to the life of piracy instead of becoming Marines. I believe Big Mom is closer to her prime than Garp is. Garp and Roger allied against the Rocks Pirates. Manga "GAARRRPPPP!" Garp is one of the major figures, along with Kong, Sengoku, Shiki, Silvers Rayleigh, and Whitebeard, from the times when the "Pirate King" was still alive. As Curly Dadan is the leader of a bandit group, Garp blackmailed her to watch over Ace and Luffy as their foster mother, in exchange that he will turn a blind eye on their criminal activities, which is said to equal the numbers of stars in the sky. Garp was one of two Marines that Roger considered to be worth his time, the other being Sengoku. The Straw Hats were amazed, but prepared to defend the ship and started to set sail. As a child, he had light brown hair, wore a tropical button shirt with shorts, and wielded a pipe staff. He was able to get back on his feet after allowing himself to be punched by Luffy in Gear Second at point-blank range without losing consciousness, and was still able to fight the Blackbeard Pirates along with Sengoku. However, currently, as with the revelation that both Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace are Garp's grandsons (Ace being adopted), as well as Luffy's multiple actions in such a short time, Sengoku is losing patience with Garp, but the two Marines still share a close friendship even though Sengoku is often exasperated at Garp's antics, like his offering tea to Sengoku and Kuma while discussing Luffy's actions at Thriller Bark.
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