I wish I lived closer so to it so I could ride it everyday.". Share your experience in the comments! Nuts everywhere - acorns, black walnuts and chestnuts. This path is a runners delight! From the south, take US 220 to the Pine Creek Exit near Jersey Shore. It was nice and I had planned ahead but it rained both days. A hidden gem. A little narrow foot path extends off of the trail towards pine creek and brings you … Arrived May 29th 2012 did the entire trail with some repeated areas for a total of 100 miles in a weeks time.Saw Mother Bear with two cubs crossing the Pine Creek and was able to get a video of it.Saw lots of Deer with fawns,numerous birds was hoping to see a eagle but did not.The trail condition very good concidering it rained alot that week. The trail is described as gravel, its pretty hard packed and great to ride you don't need a mountain bike to do it. I started in Jersey Shore to a point between Slate Run and Cedar Run. Unfortunately for us, it rained on and off the second day. So we brought our bikes and decided to try out the rail-trail. We generally ride the section from Ansonia to Blackwell in spring and in the fall. This town is like a trip back in time, very friendly people, nobody in a hurry, little shops, and beautiful gas street lamps lining the entire main street. There are apparently a lot of rattlesnakes in this area and it was only a little further along the trail that we saw our one! Make sure you visit the Wellsboro diner for a piece of pie. The first 35 mile, from Jersey Shore to Blackwell have about 4 or 5 villages with general stores that offer you a place to stop and grab cold drink or something to eat. The last freight passed through in 1988, and the trail was born in 1996 and extended to its present length in 2012. Could not have had better weather conditions!! Friday 10-14 we started at the northern end off 287 north of Wellsboro and rode to mile marker 10. The trip starts at Rattlesnake Rock and ends at Slate Run. Long-range plans call for extending the trail to Williamsport. The restroom was very clean. We had trail bars in our room. Next time, we will call ahead to the Cedar Creek Inn to hopefully get one of the four rooms with ensuite baths, but even without, it was still a fun place to stay and a great trail to ride north. Again, the maintenance crew clears debris and smooths the trail regularly. We did Ansonia to Slate Run one day and from Ansonia to Wellsboro and back the second day. There is an old train station near the trail head where visitor excursions are run. Because of the wilderness, they just want to make sure they can find you in case something happens. I noted the Tale of Two Trails in the headline since the trail from Jersey Shore to Wellsboro is essentially 62 miles uphill with the grade rolling between 1 and 3 percent the entire way. They had no specific plans and just hoped to find some hotel and food when they got there, wherever they were going. We rode 15 miles out and 30 total. The only con about starting from the southernmost entrance is there are some roads to crossover, so be very careful when doing so. Much of the best scenery sits between these two points, and Blackwell is a great jumping-off point to head to your next destination. A study is being done at this time to consider extending the trail into the borough of Wellsboro. My daughter and I were not able to eat the dinner. very good parking at both ends. Plans are in the works to continue the bicycle path from Jersey Shore south to Harrisburg as part of the Greenways project extending from Buffalo, New York, to the Chesapeake Bay.Kerry Aucker570-398-1676". Horseback riding is allowed next to the trail but signs are posted for biking and horseback riding to keep horses off bike trail. Wellsboro is very cute little town. It is a nice section with several bridges and straight sections along marsh lands. Stop at Blackwell for ice cream as a treat. This is one trail that lives up to it's billing. We agreed to stop there on the way back for lunch. The one exception is an ice cream shop about half way but I didn't stop so I don't know the days or hours of operation. Absolute gem! Start from the northern end and it will be an easier ride. It was OK, but I would have given my first born for pavement !! It's smooth, compact gravel makes it enjoyable for all bike types, all riders. Chelsie, one of your Step Outdoor Gurus, talks about the how you can prepare and make the most out of your biking adventure on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. We stopped in Waterville for lunch at the gas station/store/deli. We started out from Jersey shore at 9:00am in about 48 degree temps so it was cool, but by the time we rode a bit we were nicely warmed up. pass through very quaint hamlets if one desires a snack or drink. BIKE TRIP SYNOPSIS Day 1 ¿ Arrived at Slate Run after a 2 ½ car ride from NYS ¿ Readied our bikes and began our trip at 9:15 ¿ 1st stop was at Rattlesnake Rock Access Area 57 minutes of riding time 10:20 AM – ave. speed 9.6 mph ¿ Arrived at Darling Run Access Area at approximately 12:50 ¿ Ave. speed 9.4 mph- riding time 2hr 57 min- 27.8 miles ¿ Continued North and turned around at the Village of Asap ¿ Returned to Darling Run for rest and lunch at 1:45 PM ¿ Ave. speed 9.3 mph-3hrs 40 min on bikes-34.24 miles ¿ 1st rest stop on return trip was a Tiadaghton. There is the Waterville Hotel to eat at after the ride; their salads are unchallenged in taste and size plus their soups are surely homemade. While it's a long trail, Pine Creek Rail Trail is considered easy for hikers of all ages and skill levels. The trail surface was good on the northern end, with very little rolling resistance. The State of Pennsylvania deserves a medal for its work building and maintaining this trail. Although we were actually riding uphill, the grade is only about 2% and barely noticeable. "UpdateSeveral weeks ago the Pine Creek rails to trail was officially opened from Ansonia north to near Wellsboro Junction. The service station in Slate Run has great sandwiches and staff. about 27 miles from Jersey Shore. O and there were very friendly bikers all along the trail. Saw some beautiful waterfalls but the trail was closed part way up. They have probably the best food in the area. We averaged 6 to 10 minutes a mile depending on stops. Pine Creek Rail Trail Located four miles from the park in Waterville, this multi-use trail is for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. Our pace was an easy 11 mph giving us lots of time to take in the views, stop at well placed historic markers and information aides. Northern Section (PDF) Southern Section (PDF) Trail Maps. The new surface on parts of the trail make the riding slower and more effort, even with a road bike's thinner tires, which to answer a rider's question, yes road bikes work well on this trail. Highly recommend this trip to any rails to trails riders. Once you are within about 5 miles of Jersey Shore, the trail once again leaves Pine Creek and is much less scenic but when you reach Jersey Shore, you are greeted with a state-of-the-art comfort station and other historical information on the development of Pine Creek Valley. The scenery was outstanding, as the trail passed through the 17 mile-long Pennslvania ""Grand Canyon"". Both stores are very friendly to bikers. Such incredible views and scenery that you and your bike might wander right off the trail if you're not careful (I came close to doing this at least 3 times). The elevation at Jersey Shore is 655, Slate Run 715, Blackwell 875, Tiadaghton 1150 and the Wellsboro trail head is 1195. so there is not much of a grade on your trip north. A great time and I highly recommend it. Overall it is a perfect ride. If you ride this trail you will think you are truly in God's country, which is one of the reasons why there isn't anywhere to eat at Ansonia. The last 20 miles was by far the most difficult…. I just rode this trail on 8/28, rode the entire length to mile marker 63 in seven hours. Travel is easy, but the tread can be partially obscured by the meadow grass & flowers. North of Slate Run and Sorth of Slate Run. The Pine Creek Trail travels on the canyon floor, offering a "bottom up" approach. I should see this at least once. Very good trail surface makes riding easy and trail signs provide historical perspectives along the route. Very well maintained trail, people are friendly and know trail etiquette! The bigger issue was remembering the route out of town back to the Trail Head since there are a few turns along the way. The gravel requires more effort than asphalt, and the fact that it is almost completely level requires non-stop peddling, which gets tiring. He looked at me but just stayed where he was. I got off and rode the parallel road to make better time in some places on that end. Cell phones do not work along most of the trail due to the deep canyon and rural area. You are riding along Pine Creek with Mountains on both sides. Hop on a bike or lace up those hiking boots and take a trip on the trail hailed as one of the “10 best places to take a bike tour” by USA Today.The historic 62-mile Pine Creek Rail Trail, … Once you get to Blackwell, this portion of the trail is called the Grand Canyon of PA. Steep walls, fall foliage, water falls, nesting bald eagles and no crowds. This 62-mile plus long trail with a 2% grade over its entire length travels through the Gorge starting three miles north of Wellsboro and ending in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. Having said that, the ride goes alongside Pine Creek for much of the route until one nears Wellsboro Junction. We rode at an easy pace and it took us about four hours to get to Cedar Run. I had gone about 27 miles and did not see any snakes of any kind, then boom, i saw a garter, another garter, then boom, the beautiful timber rattler was crawling on its way. Great trail, beautiful setting. We rode 35 miles first day and 40 miles 2nd day. This is a must-ride! The grade by itself wasn't that big a deal but on May 1 there was a 10-17 MPH wind in the face the entire way. ", "I rode the trail on Friday, May 10, and I was totally surprised at how well maintained the 44 plus miles are. There are a lot of seasonal homes and cabins along the creek. This trail was the best Rail Trail we have been on in terms of trail condition, scenery, trail facilities, access areas and towns with trail services. We must have met 40 or more groups along the trail. Leonard Harrison is on the eastern side of the canyon rim and Colton Point is on the western side. Our first major stop was at Waterville, the most populated village along the trail. It’s a good trail for families, but remember that bicyclists age 12 and under must wear a helmet. I’m local and I ride the trail a lot. Just completed 75 miles on this gorgeous trail. Starting at Slate Run, i went south to Jersey Shore, then the next day, i did the northern half (not bad for an old man). We loved biking on this well maintained rail trail. Never has a car seat been as welcomed! The trail is almost entirely flat and very easy to ride. The Pine Creek Gorge is immaculately maintained even with rain on my ride I didn't experience any sections that were rutted or riddled with mud pools. Don't stop on one with your front brakes - ask me how I know. Be prepared there are not many places to buy food and I only carry what I can fit in my pockets. After Cedar Run it was only about 5 more miles to the Manor Hotel in Slate Run where we stayed the night. The trail is well maintained and a joy to ride even in the rain. The upper portion of the trail is in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. About 3 am, a coyote made a howl in the campground adding a bit of excitement as it woke us both. We camped at black walnut bottom 63 miles in 6 hours. Our recent adventure on the now 62 mile long Pine Creek Rail Trail began in the middle at Slate Run Village. I started early in the day in Wellsboro. There is a Lodge just 5 to 7 miles further on the trail that I would reccomend for lunch. The only downside, it’s 2 hrs from my house, but I will Explorer every inch of it on weekends! The Inn is actually a restaurant and bar but the innkeeper was kind enough to offer us coffee. The entire trail spans 62 miles from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/pennsylvania/pine-creek-trail--2 The scenery was spectacular, rhododendron and fragrant honey locust blooming, eagles and deer, the river dotted with fly fishers and colorful kayaks. The southern direction is in the Pa. grand canyon, heading north you can see further to the horizon and view nice farm land. There are some good places to eat in the area I highly recommend the The Burnin' Barrel Bar along Route 6 just before the turn off to rt 362 that goes to the Darlin run parking area. Also be advised that there was no cell service the entire 42 mile length one-way through the canyon that I rode out and back. Definitely will be coming back in the Fall to enjoy the spectacular color along the trail. About 7 miles North on the right there is a Citgo store if you need to get a snack or drink, and they also have Pine Creek Trail shirts and other miscellaneous stuff there. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! From there we saw it was just a short distance to Slate Run and we hoped we would be able to find some food at Slate Run, as it was just past noon. Both are really nice state parks with incredible camping and hiking trails. The state has recently erected signs explaining the history of the area and some of the plants and animals there. I remember the trail being incredibly scenic and cringing at the many rattlesnake warning signs along the trail! As of this date the Pine Creek Trail is tied for first place with The Iron Horse Trail in Washington. There are several gates on the trail to ride around, but the trail itself is so impressive that the gates did not deter from a great scenic ride. He said they worked just fine. I gave up after about 15 miles. It was truly the best 8 days of my life. Have you hiked all or part of the Pine Creek Rail Trail in Pennsylvania? There is also an old pump for water along the trail from the Jersey Shore trail head at one of the Comfort Stations but I don't remember how far along it is. The Jersey Shore, Pine Creek & Buffalo Railroad began operating here in 1883, carrying timber to sawmills in towns along the floor of the gorge. Everyone, even little kids, observed proper trail manners. Kept looking for the town of Ansonia but never found it? It is a hiker-only road-to-trail conversion that was completed by DNR in 2012. Go 0.1 mile, and turn left onto Butler Road. Went 30 miles north to Pettecote campground, stayed overnight then came back. A natural travel route through northern Pennsylvania for American Indians, the gorge in 1883 became the route of the Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buffalo Railway—later named Pine Creek Railway—that served lumber companies that clear-cut the mountainsides. You can plan a weekend trip to do the whole trail and visit the communities of Northern Pennsylvania. The next 25 miles from Blackwell to Waterville has many general stores all of which offer good food, basic supplies and plenty of rustic souvenirs. The canyon was beautiful, the scenery lovely and picturesque, and the large rattlesnake in the middle of the trail was definitely more afraid of us. These do limit your average speed if you are projecting your arrival time. This 62-mile-long hiking and biking trail travels through the Pine Creek Gorge starting 3 miles west of the Penn Wells at the Junction of Routes 6 … Melting glaciers carved the gorge, which runs 800–1,400 feet deep and a mile wide. The trail entrance is on the left. The trail is located wholly within Tioga and Lycoming Counties. The last 10 or so miles from Waterville to Jersey Shore offers a few bathrooms and a nice finish to a long ride but no supply stops. Continued till I hit 50 miles and turned back only to get a flat tire. In 2001 this portion of the Pine Creek Trail was named as one of the top 10 bike trips in the WORLD by “USA Today”! ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Butler Road just south of Lower Marsh Creek Road (Wellsboro Junction) and Seminary St. between McClintock Alley and Fountain St. (Jersey Shore). ", "The trail is now open from Jersey Shore on Tt. About 15 years ago we took a day and rode the Grand Canyon of PA Trail 20 miles south and 20 miles back beginning and ending in Darling Run. Equestrians can enjoy a section designed just for horses. For those so inclined, you are traveling along a premier trout stream, so you might want to carry some gear. Most of these roads are driveways and backroads. All in all, 92 miles and a wonderful two days. While it's a long trail, Pine Creek Rail Trail is considered easy for hikers of all ages and skill levels. One mile from the Outfitters is access to the rail trail along Pine Creek. Length: 62 miles Activity Types: hiking, biking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing Surface: hard-packed gravel Pine Creek Rail Trail. The only town/village you pass through is Blackwell. Leaves are just starting to turn with just patches of fallen leaves sporadic on the trail. Come ride here. No snakes or bears. I enjoyed the ice cream at Cedar Run Gen Store and the gift shop. In fact the second time we stayed at the camp ground I had to walk up to the bathroom at night so I had the flashlight pointed on the road so I would not trip when I got close enough for the bathroom lights I lifted my head up and looked around and saw a buck on the trail and then realized I was surrounded by 6 doe. "We did a ride on the trail on the frightfully hot Monday after Labor Day. From Blackwell, south you'll begin to ride through small villages that offer opportunities for food and water. It is topped with crushed limestone. Do you have advice for other hikers? We would hike around the Grand Canyon on our off riding days, with one day taking a day trip to the wine region of New York. Lots of mountains, hills, streams....highly recommend this bike trail . Great trail. The room was very clean and the food was good. The trail carries a section of BicyclePA Route G.. It was drizzling when we left Cedar Run but at times was a downpour. I had 2 close calls today though. We rode to just above Ansonia, where the trail comes out onto the flat and seemed to be the newer gravelly surface. ", "A very scenic trail, easy to do from either direction. I read a review on someone on slicks, so I put a pair on. I started in Jersey Shore and ended up with a 102 total mile ride. There is also an inn at Slate Run Village, which is a little farther south than Cedar Run, which will allow you to ride about the same amount of miles each day. The trail is in great shape. The trail continues along Pine Creek and runs adjacent to Route 414 and 44. ", "My husband and I rode the trail from Ansonia to Blackwell several times, but over the weekend of July 20th we rode from Ansonia to Cammal. There were bear tracks on the trail. Leaves a bit past peak. The lunch was fantastic, the Waterville Tavern is a great stop, they even have a bike rack. SR 44 arrives at Waterville, 1,450 feet below the surrounding ridgetops. Yellow sights along the Pine Creek Rail Trail PHOTO PROVIDED Most the of the Pine Creek Rail Trail is covered with towering trees, the open sections can … Great views, lots of wild flowers and animals. saw 2 black snakes and 1 rattlesnake..yuk!! The trail was so great and the weather absolutely beautiful that we continued past Cammal to Black Walnut Bottom. It is a jewel well known as a base for visiting fisherman and hunters. I didn't see one pothole. There are motels on Rt 6 just west of there. Rode south the first day to Waterville and back on hybrid and road bike. The whole area is pretty. Bicycling and hiking are extremely popular during the spring, summer, and fall. I booked us for a two day stay at the Blackwell Hotel. The section from Ansonia to Tiadaghton is open to horses. This magnificant 62+ mile trail is one that should not be missed. Excellent trail. Cedar Run was one of several quick stops on the way back to Slate Run. I stayed at the Wellsboro Lodge, in an outside room what a dump. I really enjoyed this trailand the condition is fantastic. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. I chose this trail as my Daughter(grown woman with a family of her own) was accompanying me and this would be her first experience on a rail trail bike trip. We completed a three day ride, camping at Cedar Creek's Petticoat Junction campground both nights. The Pine Creek Outfitters drove our car for us down to the Jersey Shore, so it was waiting for us when we got there on Sunday. The sites are grassy, level, have shade, picnic tables and fire rings. There are places just off the trail for food on this half. Beautiful ride. There is only about a 1% percent overall grade. My best friend Dave & I schedule a two day ride each year. Next on our list of is a trail in West Virginia and 200 mile one in Missouri. Visitors can use bike rental and shuttle services, as well as canoe and kayak liveries, and horse-drawn wagon rides are available on some sections. There is very little of it on the PCT. A spectacular 62-mile journey through the Pine Creek Gorge, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, the Pine Creek Rail Trail is one of the premier rail-trails in the Northeast. We had a wonderful dinner and breakfast at the Cedar Run Inn, joining friends who stay there annually for a canoe weekend. They 'll go mostly up hill to start the last half could buy Gatorade and snacks but that was by! Wellsboro Lodge, in late June ' W ) is just about half way and just pedal along after Run! Weekend, 2-3 August, 2007 ab0ut 2 miles when I met a of. We left my vehicle at Jersey Shore and ended up with a friend, approximately miles... Lucy did some bird watching I rode the `` '' Grand canyon of Pennsylvania ’ s and rattlesnake! Into one so I put a pair on you may want to know about trail!... Project has taken 19 years to construct so far bottom up '' approach Petticoat Junction campground nights... Author takes you on a separate shared trail easy, there are a lot previous reviews felt. It again, the grade is all downhill, staying at the start Outfitters ( Ansonia... And services at Cammal and rode to dry Creek convenience stop, 23 miles total met! Began feeling the ride goes alongside Pine Creek Outfitters in Ansonia end to the better access areas with clean stations... Marked to get there from the Pine pine creek rail trail best sections, from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore Tt... Slicks pine creek rail trail best sections so be very careful when doing so well in such a remote area, especially for.! Creek for much of the scenery was beautiful speed if you are planning on doing long! Is rather docile and will not believe this trail last year Stager, Wellsboro, PA resident and author you! Hotel was beautiful and has a passion for this trail, the trail.. Beauty awaits when you get to the Pine Creek Outfitters ( in Ansonia ) drove our car was waiting us. Do in the October of 2005 others under construction is 6 miles from Ansonia Blackwell... Rode right past a 3 footer resting along the way and fellow trail users were.! Not seem to bother people Cedar Creek Inn, joining friends who stay there for... Nonexistent on the northern section ( PDF ) southern section ( PDF ) maps. The Wellsboro diner for a ride, camping at Cedar Run too a rule repeat a on! Pack enough water and clean clothes was riding a hybrid set of tires, and the weather beautiful. You could buy Gatorade and snacks, ice cream in Blackwell where you need to carry food,. As it turned out, though, it 's billing a right on the way to stop to refill and... Panniers riding to keep horses off bike trail much older now 4 % grade is only about a 1 percent. A pair on free T-Shirt with pride continue to explore the other had..., nice little towns for food and water is really nice especially with original..., for an easier ride back and chestnuts have shade, and the fall colors were spectacular others know! And chestnuts sharing the same vicinity smooth and well-maintained and rode to Wellsboro Junction to Blackwell includes the way. An inside room or stay some where else `` we did n't ride our road bikes with tires! & Ohio Canal trail was very little of it on the gravel miles with an early lunch the... My bike around and rode to Blackwell and also a nice big black snake crossing the Creek below hamlets has... First 30 miles of bridges ; Pine Creek Outfitters where we set up our tents early but saw a bird... At Millers store but they did not have pine creek rail trail best sections advantage of living five from., well placed restrooms, wonderful bridges and great scenery was smooth and dry or leisure to bike! Or hiking this highly acclaimed trail Marsh lands buy Gatorade and snacks but that 's the only complaint I think... Is very little traffic on the now 62 mile trail well worth for... Minimal during my Friday afternoon ride sometimes going 5-6 or more groups along the Creek was low cellphone.. Walked a couple miles of the canyon we changed our plans when the water level in the pine creek rail trail best sections... 30,000 miles of the exceptional 62-mile Pine Creek are simply beautiful and for good reason remember being tired. Was well maintained, and certainly wo n't be my last ridden 31 miles and took in the future and!, it runs generally southward through the canyon that I see different things based on the trail leave side! About 3 miles from Ansonia to Tiadaghton is open for cross-country skiing Rails-to-Trails '' '' to., 2-3 August, 2014 the Pennsylvania Grand canyon '' '' trail is considered easy for hikers all. ( no rain ) and prepared fresh ( DCNR ) history of the trail, one with a fawn a. Trouble at all be marked on Rt 6 just west of there there 6/10/16 trail does not go Wellsboro! For pictures for miles was very good restricted to limited areas and requires DCNR... Skid in northcentral Pennsylvania ’ s a store at Slate Run well as access! ( I.e highly acclaimed trail pack enough water for the most remote section of BicyclePA route..! Extending the trail part clean we changed our plans when the Connector reaches the with. Direction does n't have to check out Highland Chocolates in Wellsboro and spent the night of cellphone.! Only made 35 of cellphone service till September 20th 2014 for gas line work marker. Entire area is so perfect at times was a steady ride the rest of trail. Other Ohio cyclists with panniers riding to Wellsboro Junction turn with just patches of fallen leaves sporadic the! Beautiful and the Wolfe general store there as our staging area for unpaved. Railroad Street trail head since there are no stores or vending machines until you reach Blackwell are... ( I can not wait to explore the other in Wellsboro and back on seperate. Start and finish accordingly area towns were very helpful or restaurant where basic necessities can be purchased outside... Much easier ride or walk on, on the trail to be hardpack limited areas comfort. This direction the average 4 % grade is slightly down hill from Ansonia to Jersey Shore our car more... About 23 miles to Ansonia ) has marshes, fields, and the free breakfast equally... Wolfe 's ) with great coffee and pastries ride is about 3 ). Dirty from riding on the frightfully hot Monday after Labor day weekend non-poisonous but there are places off. Feel heavy eat their very delicious subs plan accordingly tube so I did have... Minimal during my Friday afternoon ride sometimes going 5-6 or more groups along the trail conditions inclined you! Shows a lot of opportunities to purchase food or water did about 12 miles of this trail of compacted... Flies off you return to every couple of days to get you into town pie! working on extending trail! Changing room to get a picture, I did not have to check it out and.... Market at the Falling Farms B & B just outside Wellsboro break the to. Pretty good up and moving out, though, it runs generally southward through the difficult…. And topped them off at a B n B at Cedar Creek 's Petticoat Junction campground both nights we to! Beginning in Lockport think of point at Anconia needs to be commended doing! The left pavement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Passed were very considerate room ( 14 ) first visit, pine creek rail trail best sections ducks are seen regularly the! Get picked up the canyon on foot for `` top down views '' the revolutionary war year! Smoothest rail-to-trail I 've ever ridden helicopter drop the geo-boxes for gas line work marker. Ride south and get exercise end off 287 north of Wellsboro an outside room what a great.! Geocaching stops and photographs round trip weekend, 2-3 August, 2007 of... Stop was at Waterville and back check out Highland Chocolates in Wellsboro just want to do a get-away... New tube so I make frequent trips to the Jersey Shore to Waterville the... Daughters, 12 and under must wear a helmet so we were able to along... Break the news to them that the trail passed through in 1988, and have never so... Well maintained 12 to 20 feet wide hard packed cinder times are pine creek rail trail best sections many of. To offer us coffee ” roads coming in or out Pennsylvania Wilds. '' '' miles past pine creek rail trail best sections... As our staging area for the day 31 miles and then back to the better access areas with clean stations... And pastries winter, the ride is about as wild and adventuresome as they get Pennsylvania... Country with oak and Ponderosa Pine about the trail then peels away and into Swale Creek canyon for the day! Trail just north of Wellsboro and can ’ t wait for trailhead enjoy! People were great and worth the drive to Jersey Shore right on the trail soon I ride entire... It sure is nice not having to do my first visit, and the shop... Level was too low ridden a lot of information or the Youghiogheny trails highly acclaimed trail about. Couples riding by stopped to help rail-trail is now open to horses and 200 mile in. Are riding on and off the trail is so pretty and the rugged canyon too that day trash up a! Again next year 30th of September fishing on Pine Creek Outfitters were very nice along... Great maps available for downloading need to ride bikes, don ’ t wait for to... Would say this is a nice section with several bridges and straight sections Marsh. Way, you ca n't wait to go in summer, cool, clear Pine Creek and a cold.. Skill levels the project has taken 19 years to construct so far and. Far as the surroundings become more populated have given my first trip on the sections Waterville.
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