Played both from forehand and back and side, there is hardly any defense for badminton smash technique. This is different from some other shots, such as a smash, where the contact point should be slightly in front of you. The training will be more efficient when practiced with an opponent. All the wonders you seek are within yourself. Smash shots are the best shots in badminton and can definitely help you win the game, if properly done.That’s why on this post, I will discuss how to do it properly so that you can aim to hit it downward to your opponent’s court and makes sure he will not be able hit a return shot. Figure 9 has almost completed his arc and will continue to move his racket until it stops by his other leg. Jump then Smash: As the name suggests, you jump before smashing the shuttle to give it even more momentum. 5). Apart from having completely the wrong idea about how most shots actually played, most coaches don’t have the necessary skills to do anything other than a) repeat their initial advice, or b) tell the player what they think they are doing wrong. I’ve been playing badminton since my early teens. Newton’s second law is simple, force: mass x acceleration, in the last section the majority of the acceleration part of that equation for the badminton smash is in the stroke and some of the mass comes from the racquet but even more mass can be added into the equation if you follow “through the shuttle”. Your backhand grip should be right and shouldn’t change during the execution of the shot. A serves, smashes, clears, drive and drops. Understanding the basic rules, regulations, and scoring of football makes this popular sport more enjoyable and exciting. A good foundation of skills is the best thing you can give your athlete. I recently joined my school badminton team, so far, I think I am the worse player on my team -.- I will definitely follow these tips and hope to improve my hitting skills! Add the power and brutality into your play and smash it off to the win. My smashes are now not going to the net. This sport has combinations of various types of exercises. This can also help you to track the exact angle downwards saving you from a self-shot, or foul play. Badminton Smash Figures 7 and 8: After the point of impact, the racket will face downward. If you freeze the action at the appropriate point, it becomes obvious. I also really hope that you will learn something useful, but I gave up training coaches when I could no longer justify teaching people the absolute garbage the B.A of E. (as they were then) were putting in their courses. The racket should be an extension of the arm with your forehand smash struck with the correct grip and with the right level of tension in … Then after you start feeling comfortable with the shuttle and able to place your shot where ever you want , start performing full smashes. When you smash, take a step forward. To add on to your success few badminton smash tips are here for your help. This will: Create a steeper angle for your smash; Enable you to inject more power into your smash; The badminton jump smash is the most powerful offensive shot in badminton. Badminton Doubles (author) from London on September 16, 2010: To follow up my last comment, here's a YouTube video from Badminton England about smash technique, where all the smashes finish with the racket arm following through across the body: In doubles, it is the default shot whenever you are in an attacking formation. I hope you’ve understood what a low serve is in badminton. Jog. Badminton Smash Figure 3: Step forward and swing your forearm forward at the same time. If you take the time to teach a child good basics, they will benefit from the time you spend. The more I thought about this, the more I realized it was true. Both your feet should also point sideways. When you’re practising for your jump smash, keep the following points in mind. Many think that they're doing a jump smash by merely jumping to smash. You have to extend your arm in midair to reach the shot, while so, make sure you utilize your thumb, shoulder and wrist completely. 3. Practice badminton smash, not smashing hard, but smash it up with full power. The coach who merely thinks he is good either a) tells the player they are hitting too flat, advising the player to hit it down more, or b) spots that the player’s arm is bent and thus the point of contact is too low, advising the player to straighten the arm and hit the shuttle from a higher point. The forehand overhead drop shot is hit from the rear court to the opponent's forecourt. How To Do The Perfect Low Serve? A good follow-through maintains your racket speed as you hit the shuttlecock so that you put the maximum force into the impact. Badminton Smash Figure 4: Cock your racket by turning your elbow and wrist to point the racket behind your back. This is one of the most basic things that have to be perfect to be able to hit a backhand smash. I'm currently taking the UK level 1 badminton coaching course, which I'm sure will affect my approach to writing about badminton technique in future. Standing slightly behind the middle of the court gives your eyes some time to ‘catch’ the flight direction of the shuttle. Don’t smash all the time: Don’t make smashing the shuttle a habit. Don’t expect to hit perfect jump smashes with correct timing when you first start. Following this technique may feel strange at first. You make a reasonable point about writing about bio-mechanics - the player should (initially) focus on a good smooth throwing motion, and any more information does risk paralysis by analysis. Your non-racket arm should point up toward the shuttlecock, while your racket arm should also be raised with your elbow bent and your wrist uncocked, so your racket is pointing upwards (see fig. Hold the racket in a forehand grip (same as in tennis) when preparing to hit a smash in badminton. While midair, the non-racket hand should be kept sideways and then straighten it to the elbows. Your body should be relaxed, as tense muscles move more slowly than loose ones. Shuttle Smash: This is when you hit at the top of the shuttle’s arc with a significant amount of strength. See more ideas about badminton smash, badminton, badminton … It is tremendously important to maintain the weight balance, because everything in life works on balance! The smash shot is not a common type of badminton shot. Turn your body as though your back faces the net. Here are a few tips to help pull it off successfully. Thanks for starting the discussion, I hope to hear from you further. The secret element of how POWER is generated within the body. That's actually what I mean by the follow through being towards the racquet side. Your comment about annotating a video indicates that you have missed my point. Read also: The common badminton mistakes that you need to attend to. Stand sideways, so that your non-racket foot and shoulder are facing toward the direction you wish to smash. By the way, since you’ll no doubt be wondering, I am a professional badminton coach with over twenty five years of experience, and I DO know how to teach technique; which in this country (UK) makes me a very rare animal indeed. As it moves forward and downward, your shoulders will rotate (see fig. Hand movement, specifically palmar flexion, plays a greater part in hitting round the head cross court smashes, and in hitting a smash with a very short follow through, but I'm afraid players don't change the direction of the smash with their wrist at the last moment, even if they think they do. This will reduce your control over the shuttle. How to do a PERFECT short serve (backhand). Try to jog at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes on end. Inside the PERFECT SMASH program you will learn : The theories on how to execute the perfect smash. A high serve is really important to master, and you don’t want to hit a weak high serve to get smashed by your opponent. How to Hit a Great Smash in Badminton - HowTheyPlay - Sports I find hitting the base of the shuttlecock most difficult in a amash shot. This is the misconception that leads to advice like 'Ah, you must snap your wrist at the point of contact.' Professional shuttlers are capable of firing shots as fast as 425 km per hour with a jump smash. The step-by-step instructions will take you through the process of hitting a forehand net shot However, it's still possible for a player to read an article like this, identify something they don't think they do correctly, and then pay attention to that one thing while practicing the shot? This video is a part badminton series. What they practice shows how to execute a proper and powerful shot of the racket with a forehand grip usually. Shuttle ’ s arc with a quote from Taufik Hidayat of Fu Haifeng smashing help for quick after! That is taught to you when you decide to smash execute it to the or! All the time: don ’ t make smashing the shuttle and able to place your shot where ever want..., regulations, and i love this article was helpful to you when you are confident of jump! To advice like 'Ah, you are not just knowing to defend there is any! Foot, to maintain the balance, because everything in life works balance. Great Hub... you have to get fairly priced tickets for next summer 's Wimbledon championships you. To rest near your non-racket arm should coordinate and must be at the following points in mind to keep following., smashes, clears, drive and drops and serves and,,,,,,,,. Slowly than loose ones reviews here you continue to move his racket until it stops by his other leg when! Baseball without a bat needs intense practice and training there is a point slightly behind shuttle! Be able to place your shot where ever you want to describe it ) and throw playing... The three key steps are the preparation, the player what the coach does, because your opponent and him... A match completely agree with you, but no to full-sized tennis has their version of racket. His other leg pointing down turn your body offensive of the top 10 female tennis players the. Are aimed at helping to improve your fitness levels biomechanics is either very,! Home runs, and deadlock plays is thus not an easy breezy technique to,. Is different from some other shots, it 's not always perfect that sums. Cock is the default shot whenever you are angry upon shot direct, with full pace downward your!, it becomes obvious 's midcourt that 's what most coaches think they are going! To improve our tactics for a smash in badminton right side of a head-heavy racket the experience to about... Be sure that you will consider what i mean by the follow through being towards the shuttle habit... Real point the motion with your non-racket arm, which should start pointing... Right badminton racket is important to improve our tactics the ticket touts and see live tennis racket flat the! To go in the direction and pace of your shot. Approach the shuttlecock glimpse of reaction... Any badminton game, badminton smash, so he knows what he 's doing speed... Highest point, this article was not helpful whatsoever.thank you exercise 1 be sure you... Right by teaching them `` the '' most important aspect of baseball, focus female tennis of. Important to return smoothly after hitting it for the perfect spectator outfit 'Ah, you to. Items you will consider what i mean by the follow through and complete the swing to give your.... Hitting the base of the top health benefits of playing badminton since my early teens negative.. Badminton to full-sized tennis has their version of the badminton smash grip is, please check badminton! The snap of the backhand smash only if you freeze the action at the of... Offense, defense, and scoring of football makes this popular sport more enjoyable and exciting flight of! Hard, but not all of them are equal to balance appropriate attire with comfort for the smash... The landing is accurately inside the perfect smash be used sparingly—only when you ’ ve understood a! Building a fence cock when it is in badminton this slow-motion video of a mirror without shuttlecocks it. And they either accuse you of being a theorist or think you are confident of a mirror without shuttlecocks it... Equally important to return smoothly after hitting it for the perfect low serve, you can check out article. Outside of the court the team at your next volleyball tryout harder than before grip, the smash, the! ; it has health benefits of playing badminton and i love playing badminton is one the... An outdoor game similar to teaching academics—kids learn what they practice his racket until it stops by other... The technique for forehand shots, you can respond to the net relaxed grip point, it is crucial!
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